1 406 Letter 2017-12-04 Lr. Roc. No.406/New Infrastructure Projects/TUFIDC/2017/.Dt04-12-2017 Download/View
2 14 Ms 2017-09-18 ITE&C Department – eProcurement Project – New Version of eProcurement Application - Development of New Version of eProcurement and eAuction Application – Go-Live of New Version of eProcurement Application w.e.f. 03.10.2017 – Orders – Issued. Download/View
3 33 MEMO 2017-08-08 Public works- ongoing works Contracts- implementation of GST for payment of works executed on and after 01-07-2017- furthur instructions- Reg Download/View
4 208 MS 2017-08-05 Rules-Telangana Municipalities(Conduct of Election of Members)Rules,2005- Certain amendments-Notification-Orders-Issued. Download/View
5 194 Ms 2017-07-20 Rules-Amendments to the Telangana Municipalities (Conduct of Election of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson) Rules,2005-Notification-Orders -Issued Download/View
6 195 MS 2017-07-20 Rules-Amendments to the Telngana Municipal Corporation (Conduct of Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor) Rules,2005-Notification-Orders -Issued Download/View
7 173 MS 2017-06-17 MA&UD Department-Public Health and Municipal Engineering Department-Enhancement of Technical sanction powers to public Health and municipal Engineers-Enhancement-Orders-Issued Download/View
8 170 MS 2017-06-16 Ban on Purchase of Vechicles-Procedure for hiring of the vechicles and enchancement of hire charges-Futher Instructions-Issued Download/View
9 337 RT 2017-06-12 MA&UD Dept.-PH & ME Dept.-e-Procurement -Reduction of Tender Notice Time from 14 days to 7 days in ULBs and PHED works-Orders-Issued Download/View
10 293 RT 2017-05-19 MA & UD Dep.,-Study of various possible reforms in the ULBS in the state -Constitution of Reforms Committee at state level -Orders-Issued Download/View
11 91 Ms 2017-03-25 MA&UD,Dept,Entrustment of works costing below Rs.5.00 Lakhs by registered contractors / Self Help Groups/ Ward Level Committees / Resident Welfare Association (RWA) on nomination basis in all ULBs in the state - orders - issued Download/View
12 91 GO 2017-03-25 M.A. & U.D Department -Entrustment of works costing below Rs 5.00 Lakhs by the registered contractors/Self Help Groups/Ward Lever Committe/Resident Welfare Association (RWA) on nomination basis in all ULBS in the State-Orders-Issued Download/View
13 1 MS 2017-01-01 MA & Department – The Telangana preventation of disfigurement of open places and prohibition of obscene and objectionable and Advertisements Act,1997 (Act No.28/1997)- Empowering the Officers to remove ,erase or otherwise pull-down any objectionable advertisement-Orders -Issued Download/View
14 89 MS 2016-12-27 LAW OFFICERS – Additional Advocate General, State of Telangana – Determination of remuneration – Orders- Issued Download/View
15 298 MS 2016-12-20 In excercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 326 read with sub – section (5) of section 85 of the Telangana Municipalities Act,1965 (Telangana Act No 6 of 1985), the Governor of Telangana here by makes the following Rules relating to levy of property tax with penalty on unauthorized constructions in Municipalitiesin in the State of Telangana Download/View
16 299 MS 2016-12-20 In excercise of the powers conferred under section 585 of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act,1995 read with section 220 of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Act,1995; the Governor of Telangana hear by make the following Rules relating to levy of property tax with penalty on unauthorized constructions in Municipal Corporations in the State of Telangana Download/View
17 155 MS 2016-05-30 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Ease of Doing Business – Collection of Mutation fee at the time of transfer of property – Authorization to Sub Registrars of Registration & Stamps Department – Orders – Issued. Download/View
18 372 RT 2016-05-24 MA & UD Dept. – Water Supply – Provision of House Service Connections (HSCs) at Rs.1/- only instead of Rs.200/- to the BPL Households in the limits of all ULBs – Partial modification of the earlier orders issued in G.O.Ms.NO.515,MA&UD(A1) Dept., dt.25.7.2008 – Orders – Issued. Download/View
19 14 MS 2016-02-19 Contracting and Outsourcing of Certain Services in Government Departments – Enhancement of Remuneration – Orders – Issued. Download/View
20 7 MS 2016-01-05 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Amendments to Building Rules 2012 – Orders – Issued. Download/View
21 142 MS 2015-10-29 The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014 – The Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Act No.6 of 1965) – Adaptation to the State of Telangana – Orders –Issued. Download/View
22 96 MS 2015-08-05 Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department – Comprehensive Guide Lines for Issue of Clearance for Installation New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers – Revised Orders – Issued. Download/View
23 95 MS 2015-07-30 MA & UD Department-Reduction of Transfer Duty on GiftDeeds from 1.5% to 0.5% in favour of relatives as defined under Sec 56 (2) of I.T Act. 1961 Government (State &Central) and Local Bodies.Urban Development Authorities under the A.P. Municipality Act, 1965. AP Municipal CorporationAct.1994 and GHMC Act.. 1955 Notification Issued Download/View
24 61 MS 2015-03-24 Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department Municipalities – Mayors/Chairperson, Deputy Mayors/Vice-Chairperson, Corporators / Ward Members – Enhancement of Honorarium including Conveyance Allowance – Orders – Issued. Download/View
25 43 MS 2015-02-11 Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Supreme Court of India – Writ Petition (civil) No 309 of 2003 with WP (C) No.330 of 2001, WP (C)No.44 of 2004 and WP (C)No.688 of 2007 and SLP (Civil) No. 14121/2009 – Direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for constitution of Committees for Effective management of Slaughter Houses in the State – Orders – Issued. Download/View
26 20 MS 2014-12-31 Department for Women Children Disabled & Sr. Citizens -Telangana Compulsory Registration of marriages Act,2002-Appointments of Register General of marriages,District Register of marriages and Marriage Officers- Orders-Issued Download/View
27 16 MS 2014-12-23 ACTS-Andhra Pradesh Compulsory Registration of Marrisges Act,2002 (Act No.15 of 2002)-Adaptation to the State of Telangana-Orders-Issued Download/View
28 5 MS 2014-09-27 Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department – Comprehensive guide lines for issue of clearance for installation of New Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers – Amendment – Orders – Issued. Download/View
29 520 MS 2013-07-01 PROTOCOL- Observance of protocol by the government officials in dealing with Legislators and other VVIPS during the function organized by Government /Local Bodies-Orders Issued from time to time -Consolidatedd-Orders Issued Download/View
30 198 MS 2013-05-15 Municipal Administration Governance for results Recommendations of 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission Citizen s Charter to be published and implemented by the Urban Local Bodies Orders Issued. Download/View
31 172 MS 2013-04-30 MA & UD Dept., – Construction of Shopping Complexes under good will auction basis – Reservation of 10% of shops in all Urban Local Bodies and Urban Development Authorities to Town Level Federations/Slum Level Federations in the State – Orders – Issued. Download/View
32 132 MS 2013-03-28 The Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board – Work Plan for Financial Year 2013- 14 – Approved – Orders – Issued. Download/View
33 24 MS 2013-03-22 Handloom Industry – Handloom Sector Promotion Policy – Reservation for Compulsory Procurement of cloth from Andhra Pradesh State Handloom Weavers Cooperative Soclety.Limited (APCO) by Government Departments – Orders -Issued. Download/View
34 245 Ms 2012-06-30 M.A. & U.D Department – Levy of Shelter Fee for Redevelopment /Improvement / Rehabilitation of slums under Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) programme and for undertaking civic amenities in slums and weaker section colonies - Provision of EWS/LIG Housing units in all housing projects (both public and private Agencies) – Amendments to Rule-11 of the Andhra Pradesh Building Rules, 2012 and other orders –Issued. Download/View
35 1403 RT 2007-11-23 The Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad was entrusted with the preparation of a Manual of Role and Responsibilities of various functionaries in Urban Local Bodies in Andhra Pradesh in association with Strategy and Performance Innovation Unit, MA&UD Department, a project of SPIU for the year 2007-08 in G.O. Rt. No. 1403, MA,Dt:- 23-11-2007 Download/View
36 142 MS 2004-12-20 Tender Reforms -Streaming of Tender Reforms- Amendment – Orders -Issued Download/View
37 133 MS 2004-11-20 I & CAD Department- Tender Reforms – Amendment to para(13)(i) of Annexure- I to G.O.Ms.No.94,I & CAD (PW.Cod)Department dated 1.7.2003 Orders _Issued Download/View
38 171 MS 2004-05-01 public works- Introduction of e-procurement for all purchases costing Rs 10.00 Lakhs and above taken up with Government funds in the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department – Implementation of e-procurement system for the works/materials costing more than Rs 1.00 Lakh – Orders Issued Download/View
39 47 MS 2003-03-03 A.P. Water Land and Trees Act and Rules thereon – Designation of implementing agencies for effective implementation of the Act – Orders – Issued. Download/View